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Flowing River Solutions

Flowing River Solutions is a new enterprise, which exists to find & provide a broad range of proven & potential Authentic Solutions that may be used by communities, groups, organizations & individuals all around the world, in order to improve their own lives and the lives of others to help create: 

A Better World For All.

Potential Authentic Economic Solution #001

New Navajo Nation Owned ~ Basalt-Based Businesses:

Navajo Basalt

Basalt On The Navajo Nation:

Pliocene to Late Miocene Basaltic Rocks are mostly dark, inconspicuously flat, low-lying or mesa-forming basalt, which has been deposited as lava flows.

Rocks included in this unit are located almost entirely in the large volcanic fields south and west of Flagstaff, in smaller fields in northwesternmost Arizona, and in the Hopi Buttes volcanic field on the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations north of Holbrook.

There are, however, other basalt deposits located elsewhere on – and close to – Navajo Nation lands.

Image Credit: Alkaline olivine basalt in the Holocene of Arizona, USA. Photo: By James St. John on Flickr. Link: s/jsjgeology/49128015433 Licence: Creative Commons 2.0

We Propose The Creation Of A Number Of Navajo Owned Basalt-Based Businesses


  1. The first large scale Basalt-Melting & Processing Furnace(s) in the USA.
  2. Basalt-Products-Based Factories, producing and selling top quality Basalt-Based Products 

Please View The Slideshow Presentation Below For More Information On The New Businesses We Propose

Basalt-Based Innovations:

Don Smith is a Flowing River Solutions core team member and the Founder of Rock Rebar Inc. & a number of other Basalt-Based Businesses.

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Potential Authentic Economic Solution #002

New Navajo Owned Primary Water & Vein Water Businesses

Flowing River Solutions are currently in discussions with a number of Primary Water and Vein Water pioneers who would be delighted to see a range of Water Renewal Solutions being implemented by The Navajo Nation.

Such Authentic Solutions may include the creation of new Navajo Owned Primary Water & Vein Water Businesses.

Please visit the Water section on this website for more information on Primary Water and Vein Water.