Authentic Solutions


In This Section:

We provide information about some of the proven & potential Authentic Solutions for developing Sustainable Agriculture throughout The Navajo Nation.

These Include:

  • Solar Energy – from new Navajo Owned solar energy businesses.
  • Locally Generated Electricity – from a variety of advanced novel power supplies that can be at small, medium or large-scale.
  • And more…

Flowing River Solutions is a new enterprise, which exists to find & provide a broad range of proven & potential Authentic Solutions that may be used by communities, groups, organizations & individuals all around the world, in order to improve their own lives and the lives of others to help create:

A Better World For All.

The first community with whom we are hoping to work is The Navajo Nation.


During the past few years the core team of Flowing River Solutions have been in discussions with a number of innovators who claim to have developed breakthrough technologies in the field of energy production. We are still engaged in those discussions.

Some of those innovators are reluctant to disclose anything publicly about their inventions and technologies for the following reasons:

  • They are concerned that their lives may be in danger if they do so.
  • The are concerned that their ideas or technologies may be stolen.
  • Their technologies are still in the Proof Of Concept stage, and further investment and further work is needed to prove (or disprove) that their technologies actually work.

Therefore, the information presented in this section relates to only a few of the potential Energy Solutions that we could present that may produce Affordable Energy, at small, medium and large-scales for The Navajo People.

Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymers (BFRP)

Basalt is abundant, renewable volcanic rock. Basalt rock is melted into a continuous “glass state” fiber. These continuous basalt fibers are coated with an epoxy based resin to produce BFRP – the only true “Green”, “Naturally Renewable” and totally “RustFree” alternative to steel and other structural materials. BFRP can be used for the building and repair of our nation’s infrastructure and a great many other things, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Navajo Nation Produced Solar Panels:

Potential Authentic Solution #001

In the Economy section on our website, which relates to the potential Authentic Solutions we’re proposing in order to facilitate Economic Prosperity throughout The Navajo Nation, one of those proposed new Navajo Owned businesses is an enterprise that will produce Solar Panels.

Instead of being mounted on metal frames and structures, the Solar Panels would be mounted on frames and structures made from Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymers (BFRP), ~ such as those illustrated here.

In addition to creating new businesses and new jobs throughout The Navajo Nation, the solar-panel products made can be sold or otherwise supplied to individual homes and communities in The Navajo Nation and beyond.

Obviously this will supplement the existing Energy Infrastructure that serves those homes and communities.

Electricity Produced From Magnetic Generators

Potential Authentic Solution #002:

Dr Charles Blake is a Core Team Member of Flowing River Solutions. He has recently entered into discussions with an international organization to secure a world-exclusive formal agreement, for two years, to provide their pioneering Magnetic Inducer Generators to The Navajo Nation and other communities around the world.

This hugely innovative technology may be employed to provide electricity at small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale ~ depending on the need of individual homes and communities.

Please Note: We are still conducting our due-diligence work regarding this technology – therefore this must be regarded as being a Potential Authentic Solution, rather than a Proven Authentic Solution for the time being

Dr Charles Blake