Authentic Solutions


In This Section:

We provide information about some of the proven & potential Authentic Solutions for developing Sustainable Agriculture throughout The Navajo Nation.

These Include:

  • Soil Regeneration & innovative new Agricultural Products & Services.
  • And moreā€¦

Flowing River Solutions is a new enterprise, which exists to find & provide a broad range of proven & potential Authentic Solutions that may be used by communities, groups, organizations & individuals all around the world, in order to improve their own lives and the lives of others to help create:

A Better World For All.

The first community with whom we are hoping to work is The Navajo Nation.

Please Note:

The information provided on this page is not exhaustive. We are in ongoing discussions with a number of solution-providers who are not yet detailed below.


Potential Authentic Solution #001:

Flowing River Solutions is in discussions with WaSoRe, a new enterprise which is gearing up to become a major international player in Water & Soil Regeneration technologies and solutions.

WaSoRe are keen to work with us, and they do have some promising new ideas, especially in regard to Soil Regeneration, however at this stage we are still conducting our due-diligence and so we are merely highlighting WaSoRe as potentially being a source of Authentic Solutions in the fields of Water & Soil regeneration.

The goal of WaSoRe Is to enable other national companies and enterprises to flourish and to provide a solid foundation for organic, chemical free agriculture to be implemented. Their soil and agro-science experts provide the latest breakthrough technologies in soil and agricultural products and practices.